Version 9.3.0 (June 21, 2020)

- Added highlighter for Gravity
- Added support for Turkish special characters in editor highlighter
- Added tabs size options
- Fixed about dialog
- Fixed application closing
- Fixed check for updates
- Fixed delete word backward (Ctrl+BkSp)
- Fixed delete word forward (Ctrl+Del)
- Fixed download confirmation dialog
- Fixed file closing
- Fixed file saving
- Fixed hex editor
- Fixed installers
- Fixed language change
- Fixed layouts
- Fixed replace
- Fixed scaling
- Fixed search
- Fixed shortcuts
- Fixed skin dialog
- Fixed text editor control
- Updated and fixed Virtual TreeView Control v.7.4
- Updated and fixed AlphaControls v15.09 -

Note! This product is always completely FREE for you. See the license.

Happy summer holidays. I will return to this project in August.