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Is this just a copy of EditBone?

EditBone was re-branded to Text Editor Pro. I am the author of both editors. The last version of EditBone was 12.17.4 (February 19, 2017).

What happened to bonecode?

The company's operations ended on December 31, 2011. When I could no longer defend the brand, I abandoned it.

Is this open-source?

No, it's not. Potential employers may require a part of the source code to see the quality of the code. Otherwise the source is not open-source. I used to think sharing is caring but I don't anymore. Nowadays sharing is getting tons of shit on your face and I don't take it for free.

What programming language you are using?


What editor control you are using? Can I get it?

It is currently my own TTextEditor control which is refactored and optimized version of my former open-source TBCEditor control. The TTextEditor control is not open-source. You can find a fork of my former control from github but DO NOT expect me to fix it.

How to save INI files into application path?

Use -appinipath application parameter. If you don't want to use INI at all, use -noini application parameter.

When is the next release?

This is a complete hobby project, so releases are generated occasionally depending on how much time is available. I use the editor myself every day and of course I want it to be the best available editor. If something is irritating even a little, then it will be fixed asap. Feedback also affects release density.

Is there multi-caret editing?

Yes. Use ctrl + click to set multiple carets or ctrl + shift + click to set multiple carets in multiple locations at once.

How to compare two files?

This feature was added in version 1.7.0.

What icon set you are using?

Most of them are from FatCow Free Web Icons ( and some of them I have done by myself.

Are you available for hire?

Sure, within a two month notice period I am available anywhere on Earth.

How to open a web link in a text file?

Use ctrl + click to open the link.